2016 Global Sciaenidae Conservation Network International Conference

Table 1 Sciaenidae  Western  Pacific  species  List (FAO Fishing area 61 & 71)

April 18 2016

  Species  in the area Ranking Area 61 Country/Region Area 71 Country /Region Area 81 Notes
1 Bahaba taipingensis CR   China YES      
2 Larimichthys crocea CR YES China, Korea, Japan       recently more caught in the wild, from released stock?
3 Argyrosomus japonicus EN    Australia, China, Japan, Taiwan,  Malaysia, Vietnam? YES   YES A common species throughout the area, cultivated in China, Taiwan,
4 Atractoscion aequidens VU     YES     Australia?
5 Boesemania microlepis DD       Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia?   Freshwater Southeast Asia, Cultivated in Thailand
6 Atrobucca adusta DD   Papa New Guinea YES      
7 Atrobucca kyushini DD   Japan  YES      
8 Bahaba polykladiskos DD     YES Indonesia    
9 Johnius cantori DD     YES      
10 Johnius heterolepis DD     YES      
11 Johnius hypostoma DD     YES      
12 Johnius laevis DD     YES      
13 Johnius latifrons DD     YES      
14 Johnius mannarensis DD            
15 Johnius novaehollandiae DD     YES   YES Southwest Pacific: New South Wales, Australia. Aea 81
16 Johnius pacificus DD     YES      
17 Johnius philippinus DD     YES      
18 Johnius trachycephalus DD     YES Indonesia    
19 Johnius trewavasae DD     YES      
20 Johnius weberi DD     YES Indonesia    
21 Larimichthys pamoides DD     YES      
22 Larimichthys polyactis DD YES          
23 Macrospinosa cuja DD     ??     Northern Indian Ocean
24 Nibea chui DD YES          
25 Nibea coibor DD     YES      
26 Nibea semifasciata DD YES          
27 Nibea squamosa DD     YES      
28 Otolithoides biauritus DD     YES      
29 Otolithoides pama DD     YES Indonesia    
30 Panna perarmatus DD     YES      
31 Pterotolithus lateoides DD     YES      
32 Argyrosomus amoyensis LC     YES      
33 Aspericorvina jubata LC     YES Indonesia    
34 Atrobucca brevis LC     YES      
35 Atrobucca nibe LC     YES      
36 Austronibea oedogenys LC     YES     Acessor:Helen Larson
37 Chrysochir aureus LC YES   YES      
38 Collichthys lucidus LC YES          
39 Collichthys niveatus LC YES          
40 Daysciaena albida LC     ??     Reported occurrences in Indonesia (particularly from Sumatra and west Borneo) cannot be verified (Sasaki, pers. comm.).
41 Dendrophysa russelii LC YES   YES      
42 Johnius amblycephalus LC YES   YES      
43 Johnius australis LC     YES      
44 Johnius belangerii LC     YES Indonesia   Johnius fasciatus
45 Johnius borneensis LC     YES      
46 Johnius carouna LC     YES      
47 Johnius carutta LC     YES      
48 Johnius coitor LC     YES Indonesia, Australia    
49 Johnius distinctus LC     YES      
50 Johnius grypotus LC YES         Very common in Taiwan & China
51 Johnius macropterus LC     YES      
52 Johnius macrorhynus LC     YES      
53 Johnius novaeguineae LC     YES      
54 Johnius plagiostoma LC     YES      
55 Megalonibea diacantha LC     YES   YES Syonym of Protonibea diacanthus
56 Miichthys miiuy LC YES          
57 Nibea albiflora LC YES          
58 Nibea leptolepis LC     YES      
59 Nibea microgenys LC     YES      
60 Nibea mitsukurii LC YES          
61 Nibea soldado LC YES    YES Indonesia    
62 Otolithes ruber LC YES   YES      
63 Panna microdon LC     YES Indonesia    
64 Paranibea semiluctuosa LC     YES      
65 Pennahia anea LC YES   YES      
66 Pennahia argentata LC YES   YES      
67 Pennahia macrocephalus LC YES   YES      
68 Pennahia pawak LC YES          
69 Pterotolithus maculatus LC     YES Indonesia    
70 Johnius vogleri NE     YES      
71 Larimichthys terenganui NE     YES Malaysia   Species not evaluated yet, probably DD
72 Sonorolux fluminis NE     YES Indonesia   Species not evaluated yet, probably DD


Summary   Need to review  
Two CR   1  
One EN      
One VU      
26 DD   23  
36 LC   33  
2 Not Evaluated   3  
8 alredy published by IUCN      
1 CR 1 VU 3 DD 3LC      
46 species need to publish      

Sainsbury, K J ;P J Kailola & G G Leyland 1984 Continental Shelf Fishes of Northern and North-Western Australia.