2016 Global Sciaenidae Conservation Network International Conference
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Berry Russell Conservation status of Australian fishes
Gina Ralph The Global Marine Species Assessment: 2005-2016
Helen Larson The role of museum collections in the Red List assessment process
Hsin-ming Yeh (葉信明) Applying fisheries data from southwestern Taiwan on Red List
Hsuan-Ching Ho (何宣慶) 典藏標本與生物多樣性的保育 Museum collection and conservation of biodiversity
Kouichi Horshino An overview of Red Lists and Red Data Books in Japan
Kwang-Tsao Shao (邵廣昭) Red List assessment of freshwater fishes in Taiwan
Min Liu (刘敏) Marine fish Red List and conservation in China
Mudjekeewis Santos Red Listing Aquatic Species in the Philippines
Ning Labbish Chao 什麼是 IUCN 瀕危物種紅皮書及它在物種保育中的角色 What is the IUCN Red List of threatened species and its role in species conservation?
Saeh Ying Giat Red List Status in Malaysia
SAKAI Takeshi 酒井 猛 Fisheries data collection in Japan
Sasanti Retno Suharti Status of Family Sciaenidae in Indonesia
Yang Cheng-hsiung (楊政雄) Threatened biodiversity assessment and conservation practice in Taiwan
Yang Cheng-hsiung (楊政雄) 臺灣物種保育的概況 Biodiversity conservation policy & practice in Taiwan
Yunfei Wu (武云飞) 中國淡水魚類多樣性保護研究的回顧與建議 Conservation of Chinese freshwater fish diversity: research, review and suggestions
Yvonne Sadovy Threats to croakers from the fish maw (swim bladder) trade
Yvonne Sadovy Red listing in Hong Kong - challenges and progress